Watch: Men driving a horse and cart turned away from McDonald’s drive-thru

Two hungry guys on a horse and cart were apparently turned away from a McDonald’s drive-thru after they were deemed a health and safety hazard – but weren’t left hungry when a passerby handed them a hamburger.

Jake Sweet filmed the confrontation between staff and customers at the chain’s Western Links branch in North Somerset, UK, last month.

Watch the attempted crossing of a horse and carriage in the video above.

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The 24-year-old had stopped to enjoy his legendary meal of chicken with a cheeseburger on the side on June 21 when the horse pulling the cart drove past him and the men attempted to place an order.

But the starving duo were apparently turned away because they ‘were not in a suitable vehicle’ and a tense confrontation began when customers began asking to file a complaint.

The two men traveling by horse and carriage were advised that they were not permitted to use the crossing lane. Credit: Sweet Jake/kennedy

Jake claims that when they asked to do so, the branch manager threatened to call the police – in what some social media users suggested was a ‘miscarriage of justice’.

Admitting defeat, he said the duo apologized to those queuing behind them and then left in search of another lunch break.

Content creator Jake, who was with TikToker’s girlfriend Shauni, shared the images on Tiktok with his 10 million followers where he has now racked up over 48,000 likes and comments.

TikTok creator Jake Sweet captured the bizarre moment. Credit: Sweet Jake/kennedy

Jake said: “It’s not something you see every day.

“The horse and cart arrived and we obviously thought it was really interesting, so we started filming – it was impeccable timing.

“They came up next to us and ordered over the loudspeaker and then a member of staff came out and said ‘you can’t order here, your vehicle is not a vehicle’.

“You could clearly tell both guys were annoyed, but they were reasonable and trying to make a valid point.

“They were trying more to convince McDonald’s staff that the horse and cart was the original vehicle, and I sort of see where that’s coming from.

Lady climbs through Maccas drive-in window.

Lady climbs through Maccas drive-in window.

“While the guys were trying to make a decent argument, I think they knew they weren’t going anywhere.

“They were at the command window first, who didn’t care and closed the window.

“Then they tried the collection window, asked for a complaint form and one of the managers came out.

“Management threatened to call the police. I don’t think they were pissed off or anything, it was probably just a scare tactic to get them going as quickly as possible.

“Obviously it’s quite rare but there are people taking a horse and cart everywhere – I would have thought McDonald’s would have served them.”

“It’s not something you see every day,” Jake Sweet said of the horse and carriage at a Maccas drive-in. Credit: kennedy

Footage taken by Jake shows the duo, one wearing long dreadlocks, on a horse and cart joining the orderly queue of cars.

They can be seen being approached by a member of staff and apparently told that they will not be served, after which the interaction with the manager takes place.

Jake said the guys responded ‘very well’ to the predicament, apologizing to others in the queue behind them before leaving.

The pair handled their rejection from the lane “very well,” according to witness Jake Sweet. Credit: kennedy

Jake said: “Honestly, I think they responded very well. They knew it was going nowhere and they may have had this situation before.

“They apologized to everyone they kept in line and then they left. They were nice enough and got through it well.

“It was also very nice to see a horse and cart these days.

“If there were kids in the drive-thru or in the restaurant and a horse and cart came and got served, I think they would really appreciate that.

“I know if I saw a horse and cart being served, I would think that was so cool of McDonald’s,” Jake said.

When Jake and Shauni were driving home, they spotted the guys in the car, drove alongside them, and handed them a spare cheeseburger which they picked up.

Jake managed to throw a cheeseburger at the men, after spotting their horse and carriage. Credit: kennedy

“It wasn’t easy throwing him, but it actually went pretty well.

“I thought afterwards that I could have bought them all their meal, but a cheeseburger is at least something.

“Both guys have been in contact with me since and were very grateful that I took the time to film their experience.

“Personally, I would probably wish McDonald’s would consider changing their policy, but I don’t think it will massively affect them in their day-to-day operations – they seem to be doing quite well.”

People on TikTok commented on the video, siding with the horse and cart duo.

One wrote: “’Not in a vehicle’. For me, it’s a vehicle.

Another commented: “That’s not true, they should all serve on different rides.”

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: ‘Our driveways are tailor-made for road-worthy motor cars, vans, trucks and mobility scooters.

“The health and safety of our customers and employees is our top priority and for this reason we are unable to service pedestrians, cyclists, off-road mobility scooters, horse riders or any another horse-drawn vehicle via the passing lane.”

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