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Ben Affleck reportedly started ‘flooding’ Jennifer Lopez with ‘love and desire’ emails in February

No, you didn’t accidentally walk into a time machine and appeared in 2003: it looks like Bennifer could really be a thing again. After it was revealed on Monday that exes Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck recently vacationed together for a week, TMZ reported on Tuesday that they “haven’t just rekindled their romance in the past two weeks. “, but” on the contrary, it has been building since February “. According to the report, Lopez and Affleck, who broke up in 2004, were in “very regular contact” in early February, when Affleck “began flooding her with emails” while filming in the Dominican Republic. “We’re told the tone of the emails was not just friendly,” TMZ says, “but more love and desire for Jen.” In one case, Affleck allegedly told Lopez that she looked beautiful in the photos and that he wished he could be there with her in the Dominican Republic. They apparently emailed each other for the entire Lopez shoot, which ran through the end of April. The two were then spotted together in May, igniting the internet and sparking rumors of a rekindled romance – though a source told Page Six at the time: “They’re friends.” But Monday, E! News quoted a source as saying Affleck and Lopez have “picked up where they left off”, also saying “the chemistry is unreal.” Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have officially announced they are calling off their engagement in April, and Rodriguez, E! also reported, is apparently “shocked that J.Lo has moved on”. So, is Bennifer really back? Affleck’s pal Matt Damon, for his part, encourages these crazy kids. “I love them both,” Damon told Today. “I hope that’s true. It would be great.” Ted Cruz leaves gun violence hearing after failing to change subject Israel-Hamas fighting escalates, with dozens dead


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