What are CrossFit Games? Winner Mat Fraser talks about the event.

About 4 million people worldwide practice CrossFit, according to the CrossFit Fortify blog. As of January 2022, Morning Chalk Up estimated there were approximately 12,500 affiliated gyms worldwide, including non-paying affiliates like prisons and schools.

Box magazine claims the fitness phenom was founded by gymnast Greg Glassman in 2000, when he discovered that weight training made him a much more effective athlete than other gymnasts who only did bodyweight exercises.

Today, the company describes its program as “a lifestyle characterized by safe and effective exercise and healthy eating.”

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What are CrossFit Games?

According to Forbes, the NOBULL CrossFit Games are a way for program athletes to compete in an intense test of fitness. Winners of the competition, which includes male and female divisions, are awarded the title of Fittest on Earth.

The Games pit CrossFit’s fittest athletes against each other in extreme and often unconventional tests of strength, endurance, skill and even mental capacity, including exercises like freestanding push-ups or bags sand filled with cheese curds, an event that honored the host of the competition. State of Wisconsin in 2021.

“You’re going to get pretty much every form of fitness test you can find,” says five-time CrossFit Games winner Mat Fraser. “The Games are four to five days long, 12 to 15 events, and we have cardio, gymnastics, skill work, weightlifting (and) combinations.”

Fraser says events can be short, like single-rep heavy lifts or marathon-style workouts that can take up to three and a half hours.

According to Fraser, “(competitors) have to be prepared for anything and everything. … It’s not uncommon to find an event they need to complete on the day.

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How do I qualify for the CrossFit Games?

Although Games guidelines may change from year to year, the first stop is usually the CrossFit Open, a portion of the competition intended to be inclusive for CrossFitters of all fitness and ability levels, giving everyone the chance to compete in what CrossFit stands for. as “the greatest fitness competition in history”.

The best men and women of the Open are selected to participate in the quarter-finals. In 2022, the quarter-finals brought together the top 10% of men and women in the Open. Participants who pass the quarterfinals are invited to the semifinals, where competitors compete for a limited number of spots in CrossFit games.

The competition recently introduced a last chance qualifier, which gives participants who didn’t quite qualify for the semi-finals a chance to fight for the last spots.

Some participants who have participated in the Open are selected for individual competitions by age group or the CrossFit Occupational Games.

For anyone serious about competing at the Games, Fraser stresses the importance of preparation. “Most of these athletes make it look very easy,” he says, but points out that it’s not. “It’s a long road,” he says. “It’s not just ‘sign up for the Open and come from another sporting background’.”

But here’s the good news: All athletes started somewhere. To those who say they can’t do what Fraser does, he says, “No, you absolutely can. It’s infinitely scalable, so show yourself. Try.”

What is Mat Fraser doing now?

Mat Fraser works at HWPO (Hard Work Pays Off) Training, which he founded. He also helped launch a brand of nutritional supplements called Podium Nutrition.

But Fraser’s main goal is to prepare athletes for the CrossFit Games. “I have an athlete who lives in town here who I train on a daily basis,” he says. She trains at my home and at a local branch. That athlete is young CrossFit star Mal O’Brien.

“I’m very selective who I work with,” he says. As someone who finished 7th at the 2021 CrossFit Games at just 17 years old, O’Brien definitely meets Fraser’s high bar.

“She has a long career ahead of her,” he says, “so we have to make sure we lay the groundwork, the foundations so that she can have a long and healthy career.”

According to HWPO staff, among them Fraser and his company are working with CrossFit trainer and athlete Jake Marconi and up-and-coming young Jayson Hopper.

Fraser also spent time helping prepare athlete Justin Medeiros and coach Adam Neiffer for the Games in 2021. After finishing third in his rookie season, Medeiros won the title of Fittest Man on Earth in 2021.

Of coaching the next generation to success, Fraser says, “It’s been fun. It’s a very, very rewarding feeling to spend so much time with someone and have them see the results and surprise themselves with what they’re capable of.

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