What’s important to Jonathan Toews of the Blackhawks for the rest of his playing career? – Athleticism

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Jonathan Toews knows very little about his NHL career beyond being captain of the Chicago Blackhawks.

He played an unlettered rookie season in the NHL and has worn the team’s “C” ever since. Whether the Blackhawks did well by Toews or anyone who could realistically take on that captaincy responsibility when they were in their early twenties is certainly debatable. Toews would probably even say that now. Either way, he’s been the Blackhawks’ captain for almost 14 years, since he was 20. As he nears his 34th birthday next month, it’s essentially the only role he’s ever had.

If the Blackhawks lose a big game, he understands that he’s the one who has to stand in front of the microphone to answer questions. He is the one who waits at the door of the bench and greets everyone to show his support after games. He is the person that others look inside and out to see how he reacts to situations. As Blackhawks coach Derek King said Tuesday, Toews is the player he looks to when evaluating the rest of the team.

You might not expect Toews to be the same player on the ice as before, given his age and what he’s been through health-wise, but he still seems to be the team captain and lead the Blackhawks off the ice. That’s why some fans were disappointed with what he said following the Jenner & Block report. It was not what they expected of him.

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