Working for FCDO on loan from another government

Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), positions advertised to permanent officials of other ministries are offered on a loan basis.

If the Human Resources Department (DRH) offers you a position, you must provide written confirmation from your home service that it is happy to release you for the duration of the loan.

This is a mandatory requirement and must be provided before the loan process can progress. If not received by HRD, the offer of appointment will be withdrawn.

If you have questions about individual jobs, contact the hiring manager. If you have any questions about the recruitment process, contact [email protected]

Terms and conditions

Applicants will be loaned for the duration of the specified tour, including time off, in accordance with Recruitment code for public service commissioners. Applicants will be transferred to FCDO terms and conditions of service for the term of the loan. If the duration of the job tour is more than 6 months, the successful candidates will also be transferred to FCDO pay.

If you apply for a job with a temporary promotion, you will be offered the position at the grade advertised and any necessary adjustments made to your salary. Whether the temporary promotion is recognized by your home department upon your return from loan, or revert to your home rank upon your return, is at the discretion of your home department.

Salary and allowances

If you have questions about the amount of your salary or your allowance when you join the FCDO, contact [email protected]

Performance management

During the term of the loan, your performance will be assessed using FCDO process.

Security clearance

All the appointments in the FCDO are subject to the successful candidate obtaining the necessary security clearance as announced in the job profile. Authorization, once granted, may be withdrawn at a later date if, for example, conduct, personal behavior or other personal circumstances call into question your reliability, integrity or honesty. If you are successfully appointed to a position, further information on the security clearance process will be sent to you.

  • The SC clearance (security check) can take about 1 to 2 months
  • if a new DV request (developed verification) is required, it will be a minimum of 4 months to process from the receipt of your completed security clearance forms

For DV applications, you must have resided in the UK for at least 5 of the previous 10 years immediately prior to your application, of which at least 1 year must have been a consecutive twelve month period (unless you served in the UK). foreigner with the HM Forces or in another official capacity as a representative of Her Majesty’s government, or have lived abroad due to government employment of your parents or partner). A lack of sufficient general information can prevent you from obtaining a security clearance.

You are required to have British nationality. If you have dual nationality (you are a UK citizen and also a national of another country) this should not prevent you from joining. It is your responsibility to verify whether it imposes any personal, financial or other obligation on you if you apply for a position in the other country of which you are a national or is related to it.

If you do not obtain the required level of security clearance, the job offer will be withdrawn.

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